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Clarity, Strength & Patience ~ Kyanite, Labradorite and Moonstone Gold Filled Necklace


The stones in this combination provide the wearer with clarity, strength & patience.

Blue Kyanite - Helps to bring clarity through communication - Aligns all of the chakras - A great calming stone when the wearer is feeling anxious or when the wearer is preparing to meditate - Helps the throat and brain

Labradorite - Helps to protect against negative energy - Strengthens feelings of self worth - Helps to guide the wearer through challenges - Gives strength and perseverance to move forward - Helps with addictions, brain, eyes, and stomach

Moonstone - An intuition stone - Helps to bring creative possibilities - Increases patience - Moonstone is associated with the moon and therefore has a strong feminine energy - Helps to release unnecessary stress - Helps the reproductive system and digestive system.

Materials: Gold Filled Chain

All stones are made to order, wire wrapped with love

Genuine AAA gemstones

Made In: United States

Shipped From: United States

Lead Time: 5 - 7 Days